Welcome to Daytona Beach Boardwalk!

The Daytona Beach Boardwalk is a combination of many family operated businesses - Joyland Amusement Center, Mardi Gras Fun Center, Pizza King, Lisa's Gift Shop, Michael's on the Beach, Zeno's Boardwalk Sweet Shop, and Phillip's Gift Shop - all located right on the beach!

The Boardwalk, along with our nightly street performer shows are open year round and we are as popular than ever.

The Boardwalk is open all year and every morning at 9am. Our closing hours vary from 11pm or later depending on weather and business. We have 2 arcades and gift shops, and snackbars. During the summer, we have rides. My family operates the Pizza King, Mardi Gras Fun Center and the Joyland arcades, and both arcades operate on quarters only. We have skeeballs and other family oriented redemption games. Some of our video games are for a quarter play and some of the newer videos do cost $1.00 a play, like the the Space Invaders Frenzy, Nascars, Dirty Driving, Super Bikes 2, Jurassic Park and Transformer's Deluxe. In addition, we have the WWE Superstars Redemption, Lane Masters Bowling game and the DC Super Heroes 4

Click on the photo page to see the many rides, games and attractions that make it the perfect spot to spend a day! Relax on our white sand beach only steps away, a then come on in for a great time of fun and food!

At night, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, we also have street performers for free, like a world class juggler, balloon artist, a magician, and an escape artist. Also, on Saturdays-during the summer-we have a free fireworks display at 9:45pm, and concerts at 715pm on Saturdays. For a list of bands performing, please visit www.bandshell.info

The Hilton Daytona Beach and Wyndam are right next to us. Hope to see you there.

So much to see and do to make your stay in Daytona Beach a vacation or day stop to remember, for you and your family!